In the last thirty two years, Culler Land Surveying has striven for and succeeded in satisfying our clients on a variety of surveying projects including: loan and lot surveys, as-built surveys, sub-division layout design, construction layout, Beach Management Act surveys, FEMA elevation certificates, golf courses, large and small boundary surveys, topographic surveys, ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, municiple surveys for water, sewer, roads and drainage and any other services in the surveying field necessary to fulfill our clients' needs.


This is just a break down of a few of the types of surveys we offer, to give you an idea of what you may need, keep in mind cities, towns, counties, and HOA's  all have different requirements and information that needs to be provided on surveys.

Elevation Cert.

 It provides elevation, building type, flood map and additional information necessary to determine the proper flood insurance premium rates, and to ensure compliance with the zone's floodplain ordinances.

Staring around $500

As-Built Survey

An in depth survey and ,staking of the corners and boundaries of the lot as well as all the improvements to the property, Including a map showing the property lines and improvement to the property.

Staring around $600

Boundary Survey

Staking of the lots corners and boundaries including a signed and sealed map of the property showing no improvements to the property.

Starting around $450

Boundary Staking

General staking of the corners and boundaries of the lot does not include a map.

Starting around $300 

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